一般社団法人 日本デザインマネジメント協会

Japan Design Management Association

since 2020 Japan Design Management Association

Name Toshiro Tamada, Representative Director, Japan Design Management Association
Location 2-19-B1 Ichigayahonmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0845
Established December 3, 2009From the standpoint of the main business "Management by Design", we will develop and promote the idea of ​​design management that puts complex thinking such as environmental value, cultural value, living value, aesthetic value into practice, and spread it widely in society in the 21st century. We will carry out the following projects in order to play a part in solving various problems of human society that we face.
1. Academic research on design management, collection of materials, supervision of publishing
2. Holding academic study groups, symposiums, workshops, seminars, etc. on design management
3. Holding an exhibition on design management
4. Consultation and guidance on design management
5. Publishing books on design management
6. In addition, the representative director of the business necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation
Toshiro Tamada: Professor, Tokyo Zokei University
Managing Director Hiroshi Mizukoshi: President of Hirotaka Co., Ltd.
Director (in alphabetical order) Yoshio Katoh: Curator / Art critic (Visiting professor, Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts)
Hideo Kurisaka: Pacific Design Associates
Yasuhiko Usu: Professor, Tokyo Zokei University
Ryuzo Hoshino: Former Professor, Tokyo Zokei University
Koichi Yano
Auditor Atsushi Yano