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Regional Design Committee Directors Toshiro Tamada, Yoshitsugu Uchida

Why is it a regional design now? The word region does not mean just a word-only region. For example, in France, in Japan, it is a term that indicates a regional cultural area or regional economic area where about four prefectures are gathered. The big city of Paris is also included in one region. In the centralized sense of Japan, big cities and local communities are clearly separated, and big cities are called consumption areas and local communities are called production areas. This view is very short-circuited. We recognize that it is difficult to find the value and seeds of a region from the industrial and economic categories. Today, Japan is called an economic powerhouse or an industrial nation, and it can be said that this was due to the accumulation of culture and technology in the regions of the previous era. If you compare Japan to your body, you can say that the area is a limb and an eye. Using their limbs and eyes, they have played a role in developing values, seeds, and culture, and driving Japan's society, culture, and economy. However, traditional communities are on the verge of survival, making it difficult to inherit culture and technology. We believe that the role of regional design is to promote regional culture, regional resources, and regional value by grasping the region from the perspective of the region and developing the design.

October 27, 2021 "TOHOKU FUKKO MEDAL PROJECT 2020-21" was presented to the French Ambassador to Japan Philippe SETTON at the French Embassy.

July 10, 2021 15: 00 ~ 17: 00 Lecture theme: "Art Project" & "Area Study" Discovery and Creation of Local Resources through Fieldwork "Katsuhito Nakazato Guest Speaker: Professor, Department of Photography, Tokyo Zokei University

"Art Project", which has been practiced in various parts of Japan since 2000, and "Area Study", a class that has been undertaken since 2011 in the Department of Photography, Tokyo Zokei University. In both cases, mainly fieldwork, alternative location is regarded as a frontier, and photo exhibitions, installations, workshops, etc. are held in the local community to study the creativity and sociality of design and art in the local community. , I have announced. Following in the footsteps, we will report on various activities in design and art.
・ 15:00 to 16:00 (presentation)
・ 15:00 to 15:10 (break)
・ 16: 10-17: 00 (exchange of opinions with participants, etc.)
Discovery and creation of local resources through "art project" & "area study" fieldwork

November 14, 2020 15: 00 ~ 17: 00 Regional Design (Representative Director Toshiro Tamada)

Through viticulture and wine production in Burgundy, France, we will consider the formation and importance of regional culture.
・ The origin of France (the rise of French regional culture and the development of the country)
・ What is a true brand? Characteristics of Burgundy wine Klima (grape cultivation area) and appellation (rating)
・ What is the meaning of terroir that characterizes Brogogne wine?
・ Japanese region and culture (inter-regional exchange between Kitamaebune)
・ Future regional design







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