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Japan Design Management Association

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JDMA2021 Research Cafe Schedule

Information on remote research cafe by Zoom (free)

The Japan Design Management Association (JDMA) will hold a remote research cafe by Zoom. The Research Cafe is a central activity of our association on a daily basis. We will provide topics and discuss in a cafe style about important related matters and themes that members are interested in.

■Date and time (Theme will be posted as soon as it is decided)

Shinji Takashima (JDMA special member)
Theme: Creativity Education Potential for activities
-Participating in the design session Tama 2020 workshop "Mountains and towns connected by trees"-
"Saturday, May 29, 15: 00-17: 00"

Mr. Kimitaka Kato (Adviser / JDMA Special Member: Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Managing Director)
"Saturday, June 26, 15: 00-17: 00"

Katsuhito Nakazato (Guest Speaker: Professor, Department of Photography, Tokyo Zokei University)
"Saturday, July 10th, 15: 00-17: 00"

Mr. Osamu Namba (JDMA Director: Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
"Saturday, November 13th, 15: 00-17: 00"

JDMA2021 June 26, 2021 Board of Directors

Shinji Takashima has been appointed as a new director.
Kaoru Urata (design journalist: France), Midori Tsunoi (textile designer: Finland), Maki Tamada (professor at Shokei Gakuin University), and Kazunori Inomata (representative of Kids Co., Ltd.) have been appointed as special members.

JDMA2021 August 7, 2021 Board of Directors

1. About the agenda of each committee (Director in charge of each committee)
2. Future efforts under the agenda Application to The Nippon Foundation and others (Tamada)
3. About holding a design management seminar sponsored by JDMA in 2022 (Tamada)
4. Cooperation between JDMA base and FJC (Adviser Tamada and Kato)
5. Publishing (Tamada)

JDMA2021 November 13, 2021 Board of Directors

○ About JDMA's vision, mission, organization, roadmap, future prospects
○ Notice of new members who wish to join

JDMA activity report

Application status to The Nippon Foundation
○ A business ID was issued for "Development of an educational program that fosters creativity" in the creativity education committee application.
○ A business ID was issued for the "Activation Program for Inheritance and Development of Harakata-sashiko (Collaboration with Finland)" of the regional committee application.

Japan Design Management Association Agenda 2021

The Japan Design Management Association is thinking about the future of design management and its activities in five phases. It is 1. Social design 2. Regional design 3. Life design 4. Corporate design 5. There are five phases of creativity education. Until now, design management has developed and developed the theory and practice of design in the cycle of management, technology, production, distribution, consumption and life culture from the viewpoint of "corporate design". This axis will not change in the future, but today, the roles, practices and research required for design are social (Society), regional (Region), life (Life), and management (Corporation). , Directed to the creative side (Creation). At the same time, these things are also required for corporate activities, research and development, and education. In addition, SDGs "Sustainable Development Goals" are also required to be put into practice in society, regions, companies, and education as a realistic issue. The Japan Design Management Association (JDMA) will develop comprehensive activities through social cooperation and international cooperation, based on practice and research on these issues.
* The SDGs were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, and are the 17 goals set by 193 UN member states to achieve in the 15 years from 2016 to 2030.

1.Organizational Structure

Representative director
Toshiro Tamada (Professor, Tokyo Zokei University)

Director in charge of social design
Yoshio Katoh (Representative of Yoshio Katoh Art Planning Office, Director of Takarazuka City Cultural Arts Center, Visiting Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts)
Hideo Kurisaka (Representative of Pacific Design Associates)

Regional design: Director in charge
Toshiro Tamada (Professor, Tokyo Zokei University)
Yoshitsugu Uchida (Tanseisha)

Life Design: Director in charge
Ryuzo Hoshino (former professor at Tokyo Zokei University)
Tetsuro Hakata (Representative of Wanted, Hachioji College of Engineering, Japan)

Corporate design: Director in charge
Toru Kimura (Chief Design Officer, Kimura Design Institute Co., Ltd.)
Osamu Namba (Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Creativity education: Director in charge
Shigeaki Sugawara (Design consultant, Lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University, Lecturer at Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Shinji Takashima (In charge of New Business Creation, Strategic Planning Office, Life Creation Center, Development Strategy Office, Honda R & D)

●Publishing: Director in charge
Hiroshi Mizukoshi (President of Hirotaka Co., Ltd.)
Koichi Yano

Research Cafe: Director in charge
Yasuhiko Susuki (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Zokei University)

Secretariat: Director in charge (Hiroshi Mizukoshi)

Kimitaka Kato (Managing Director, Japan Institute of Design Promotion)

Membership rules

Special member benefits: Have instructor qualifications for seminars, symposiums, consulting, etc. hosted by JDMA. Dispatch to an external seminar lecturer.
* For special members, the board of directors will refer to the careers, achievements, wishes, etc. of those who wish to become special members, conduct interviews as necessary, and approve the decision.

General / Student Member Benefits: You can participate in seminars, symposiums, and research cafes hosted by JDMA at a discount or free of charge.

Use of JDMA satellite office (membership card presentation): Special members, general members, student members

(1) Special member
Admission fee 5,000 yen
Annual membership fee 10,000 yen

(2) General members
Admission fee 5,000 yen
Annual membership fee 5,000 yen

(3) Student members
Admission fee 3,000 yen
Annual membership fee 3,000 yen