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Director in charge of Life Design Committee Ryuzo Hoshino, Tetsuro Hakata Special Member Kazunori Inomata

"Life design" is an activity to make a life plan in order to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life. Today, which is said to be the "100 years of life," thinking about life and lifestyle only from the perspective of working-age is no longer suitable for the coming era.
We are now in an era where you can find out what you want to do and live a fulfilling life by drawing a vision.
The major social trends such as "technological innovations such as IT and AI," "energy revolution," "longevity," "declining birthrate," and "internationalization" are changing at an unprecedented speed. In these uncertain and uncertain times, our living environment is becoming more and more confused and disparate.
That is why the design thinking life plan of "drawing dreams, making hypotheses, repeating trial and error, and walking your own life" will open up a bright future for you. Of course, there are various challenges and difficulties in life, but I would like to create ideas to overcome them.
The theme of the activity is "Creation of a lifestyle that contributes to society and realizes a way of life that is unique to you."
・ Life plan that can be applied to all stages of life such as employment, career advancement, marriage, child rearing, job change, retirement
・ Entrepreneurship plan to challenge your own potential
・ Plan to try to solve various difficulties in life
・ Sustainable Development Goals for SDGs: Health and Welfare (Goal 3), High Quality Education (Goal 4), Rewarding Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8), Community Development to Continue Living (Goal 8)
11) etc.
Related organizations (national and governmental organizations) and companies that support the above life design are required to go beyond the conventional business formats and take new ideas and initiatives in the conventional information provision, services, research and development (R & D), and commercialization. increase. Efforts have begun at national institutions and companies with the United Nations SDGs in mind, but new ideas, approaches, and basic new information gathering are needed. At JDMA, we will approach these problems and issues from both aspects of personal life design, life design policy in government agencies and companies, research and development, and the way services should be.

Director in charge of Life Design Committee Ryuzo Hoshino, Tetsuro Hakata Special Member Kazunori Inomata

<Lecture theme>: Design research for the treatment of "phantom limb pain": Lecturer Kazunori Inomata
・ 15:00 to 16:00 (explanation of the current situation)
・ 15:00 to 15:10 (break)
・ 16: 10-17: 00 (exchange of opinions with participants, etc.)
* The lecture video will be posted after editing.
Design for disability resolution

Design research for the treatment of "phantom limb pain"




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